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What We Do …

Manchester Imaging is an AI software development company with a difference.

We develop and sell our own patent protected, ISO-13485 standard, AI medical image analysis software products, AssistDent® and OsteoDent™.

Plus we offer AI Services, working for a small number of clients to enhance their products with Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

It is because we build and successfully sell our own AI software, we really know what we are doing when we   build AI products for other companies.


AI annotation of dental radiographs – Helping Dental Practices Improve their Patients’ Oral Health by Significantly Increasing Detection Rates of Early Dental Caries. Available now – signup


AI analysis of dental radiographs –  A new screening service helping Dental Practices and their Patients understand more about their bone health. Using AI as part of a routine x-ray to provide a personalised osteoporosis risk score.

AI Services

Our AI team enhance other companies’ technologies with Machine Learning and Computer Vision solutions that improve and differentiate their products.