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Artificial Intelligence
Software for Dentists

Ground Breaking Developments in AI Dental Software

AssistDent® Artificial Intelligence Software for Dentists

Ground Breaking Developments in AI Dental Software

    Helping Dental Practices Improve their Patients’ Oral Health by Significantly Increasing Detection Rates of Early Dental Caries

    “Dental Caries is the most Common
    Non-Communicable Disease Worldwide”

    “Dental Caries is the most Common Non-Communicable Disease Worldwide”

    (Source: World Health Organisation)

    Read the British Dental Journal Article HERE

    Find out more about the Benefits of Using AssistDent® AI Technology in the World of Dentistry – Manchester University Double Blind Study

    Now with AssistDent® dentists can significantly increase detection rates of this condition and at the same time identify its presence earlier, when preventive treatment can reverse the disease and improve overall patient oral health.

    AssistDent® was the first product to be launched from Manchester Imaging Ltd., a spin-out company from The University of Manchester School of Dentistry and the Faculty of Imaging Science.

    Enamel-only proximal caries

    detection rate with AssistDent

    detection rate without AssistDent

    (Source: AssistDent ADEPT Study)

    Our Purpose

    Improve the oral health of patients

    Deliver a more consistent level of dental care

    Enhance patient engagement and education

    Increase dental practice income

    Making the life of a dentist easier and safer

    Innovative computer-vision tools using AI to help Dental Clinicians and Dental Imaging Companies worldwide, benefit patients with new levels of preventive dentistry.

    Our First Product: AssistDent®  Proven to significantly improve detection rates of enamel-only proximal caries.

    Enamel-only Proximal Caries

    Detection Rate with AssistDent

    Detection Rate without AssistDent

    How AssistDent benefits Dentists, Patients and Dental Practices

    What does AssistDent do?

    Dentists everywhere are putting more emphasis on preventive treatment and minimum intervention.  Yet in the case of enamel-only proximal caries, early-stage identification is not proving to be an easy task.

    When detected early, the disease can be reversed by non-invasive means, but the subtle patterns on bitewing radiographs that represent demineralisation are hard to spot and all too often are missed.

    AssistDent® launched in 2019 incorporating advanced machine learning algorithms.  It has been developed to tackle the bitewing challenge head-on and has subsequently been proven to do its job extremely effectively.

    A recent study of practicing dentists assessing bitewings for enamel-only proximal caries showed they achieved a 76% detection rate when prompted by AssistDent® compared to 44% without the use of AssistDent.

    Ref. The ADEPT Study. “A Comparative Study of Dentists’ Ability to Detect Enamel-only Proximal Caries in Bitewing Radiographs With and Without the use of AssistDent® Artificial Intelligence Software”.
    Devlin et al. 2020
    Read Article

    More Effective
    Preventive Dentistry

    AssistDent® is available in different formats enabling both Dentists in Dental Practice and Dental Students at University Dental Schools to access it.


    For NHS & Private Dental Practices

    A desktop application that’s added to image management software and integrated with practice workflow, or cloud based app to support patient assessment.

    AssistDent® Academy

    For Teaching Dental Students

    Cloud based app to help dental schools teach, test and evidence caries assessment.

    Teams Up with
    Imaging Sciences

    Based on a collaboration between The University of Manchester School of Dentistry and the Faculty of Imaging Sciences, Manchester Imaging was established in 2014 to focus on its development in preventive dentistry.

    AssistDent® the company’s first commercial product, was launched in 2019.  It is used by Community Dentists to help find signs of early tooth decay and also in University Dental Schools to help with the extensive training of Dental Students.

    The company has a proven track record of the design, development and deployment of artificial intelligence systems for Dental Image Analysis with its dynamic and expert team of technical expertise.  Click HERE to see the Team.  

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