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OsteoDent™ Osteoporosis Risk Score from Routine Dental X-Rays

1 in 2 women over the age of 50 suffer a broken bone due to osteoporosis1

OsteoDent screening can help identify potential bone health issues which can affect a person’s mobility, health and quality of life.  For Dentists, knowing whether their Patients are on a trajectory towards osteoporosis (osteopenia), or possibly already have been diagnosed with the condition is of major importance.  

Help us to help you with the development of this exciting new Dental AI software which is on course to revolutionise this area of healthcare! 

Whether you are a Dentist or a Patient, we would like to learn more about the preventive impact it could have for you to get a bone health risk score which provides a risk score indicator of the current jawbone status

Osteoporosis is invisible, and often undiagnosed.

Osteoporosis is a condition where bones become weaker and break easily, even after a minor bump or fall.  Anyone can develop osteoporosis, but women are more at risk than men, particularly due to hormonal changes that occur around the menopause (perimenopause).

Most people don’t realise they have osteoporosis until they experience a bone fracture.  AI analysis of dental x-rays now gives us the ability to identify those at high risk of osteoporosis related fractures before they happen.  Early detection offers an opportunity to take simple, positive steps to help improve bone health factors to avoid and prevent debilitating fractures that would affect mobility, health and quality of life.

Dentists and Bone Health.

Bone health is important to dentists.  Osteoporosis weakens the jaw and impacts a dentist’s ability to perform certain dental procedures.  OsteoDent is provided as a straight-forward convenient add-on service for routine x-rays, which means that there’s no extra effort!

Dentists are passionate about helping patients get ahead of their bone health and bringing their professional experience to make a difference to ageing healthily when it matters most.

OsteoDent – bone health screening with a simple scan.

Already Dentists are trialling our new screening service for osteoporosis which is called OsteoDent.  It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyse the jaw bone in a dental x-ray and combines this with information such as age, weight and medical history.  OsteoDent provides a scientifically proven, personalised osteoporosis risk score.²

Please contact us to find out how to get OsteoDent into your Dental Practice and if you’re a Patient wanting to know when this screening service will be available in your area for you to get an osteoporosis risk score, to help understand how healthy your bones are… to get in contact too! 

How It Works

Osteodent App Prototype

OsteoDent runs as a simple app on the Dentist’s computer.  The Dentist selects a patient (top right) and the AI analyses their latest x-ray to measure thickness and other features of the bone.  It reports a risk score for allowing the Dentist to determine if further tests are required and facilitating discussions on bone health between the Dentist and Patient.