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WHY?  Many Dentists and Dental Clinicians are choosing to use AssistDent® in their practices to further empower their clinical and professional expertise.  With a clear focus on patient oral health outcomes, AssistDent® enables Dentists and Dental Hygienists to better identify signs of disease that may otherwise be missed, which offers an opportunity for early intervention by immediately showing patients the analysed results, leading to the recommendation of solutions for the next best course of action.

HOW?  Having another expert opinion at the touch of a button, is hugely beneficial to both Clinicians and Patients and supports the patient’s clinical pathway to achieving their optimal oral health.  This saves clinical time and creates new ethical course of treatment which strengthens relationships with patients, as they can see for themselves the diagnostic evidence that’s presented to them. 

AssistDent® is a ‘Gold Standard’ expert artificial intelligence dental software application that harnesses and combines the data from 5 of the country’s top Dento-Maxillo Radiologists and Professors of Restorative Dentistry borne out of The University of Manchester Dental School and Faculty of Imaging Sciences AssistDent® provides peace of mind for both the Dentists and their Patients and can mitigate against a growing litigious industry.  

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