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Protected: Practicing Preventive and Profitable Dentistry

Dental plans/insurance is an important revenue stream for your practice and patients who join your scheme obviously care about their oral health.  Converting NHS patients into private patients naturally increases your margins and practice profitability. 

How does an AI embedded patient journey enhance ongoing Clinician preventive recommendations and increase their corresponding demonstrable benefits of prevention to your dental plan patients? 

How could this improve the wellbeing of your patients and associates, as well as positively impact your practice income? 

Adding AI-assisted diagnosis offers another level of certainty and consequently can be more appealing in joining your dental insurance scheme, especially to the patients who really want good oral health and hygiene. 

Communication, Confidence and Control

We give you the communication tools to empower the preventive dentistry journey – vital for your patients’ confidence in appropriate delegation of responsibility. 

AssistDent offers improved pathology diagnosis.  By diagnosing early decay lesions, you can be confident about what’s around the corner – making sure your patients are on a controllable payment band, correct from the outset. 

No more unknown quantities when taking over a list, as early decay lesions are spotted sooner – meaning reversible decay. 

Making changes in oral health earlier gives the opportunity to re-mineralise decay rather than waiting until they cavitate; watch, review, action, with the emphasis on watch

We help you to support patients who are stable and potentially even reduce their bands over time – all of which improves patient satisfaction while protecting your practice from unforeseen costs.

Quickly and Accurately Identify a Higher Needs Patient

Using AssistDent in your practice will enable your clinical team to confidently assess the oral health of patients as they join your dental insurance scheme. 

Peer-reviewed research[1] shows that dentists miss around 30-40% of early enamel decay and proves that AssistDent enables Clinicians to identify more early enamel proximal caries than without using this AI programme. 

Diagnosing previously unidentified disease allows you to offer a much improved oral health patient pathway that is demonstrable, reliable and ethical.

[1]AssistDent Peer Reviewed Research

Improved Oral Health – Increased Patient Satisfaction – Greater Clinical Choice – Increased Practice Revenue – Legal Peace of Mind

Exploring the Current Process for Bringing a New Patient onto your Dental Insurance Plan 

Two bitewing radiographs are taken for each patient.  You then analyse and study each radiograph to detect visible abnormalities.  The most difficult abnormality to detect in a radiograph are early enamel inter-proximal lesions, which is the 30-40% identified in recent research.  For a full day of new patient appointments, this means you must study and analyse an average of 20 radiographs maintaining a consistency of accuracy.  The pressure is on, for there is no leeway for error as this determines the patient’s diagnosis which naturally leads to a specific payment band. 

The Process with AssistDent – Empowering Patients to take Responsibility

Viewing the patient radiograph using AssistDent, you receive a diagnosis of early enamel inter-proximal caries within about eight seconds.  Clinical studies have proven that, using AssistDent, clinicians find more early enamel inter-proximal caries.  If a radiograph shows regions of interest that it has detected with E1/E2 carious lesions then you will have rapidly and confidently identified a high needs patient.  These are the lesions that can come and go, the ones that you can heal: meaning true preventive dentistry once you have the AI tools and the time to talk to patients about their responsibility for their own oral health.  Identifying these hard to diagnose caries can now have a positive impact on the treatments you offer.  Providing a patient with additional oral health hygiene services and remineralisation products can improve both the longevity of your clinical work while increasing patient satisfaction.

The BIG Benefits for Dentists

Demonstrate to your patients that prevention works.  You can show, visually and objectively, the decay lesions that will likely become cavities without any remedial treatment. 

Throughout the patient journey, you naturally gain professional satisfaction in showing your patients how you have prevented and/or reversed, their tooth decay. 

Diagnosing more early enamel decay will improve the service you give your patients – the simple, demonstrable value in following a preventive journey. 

Evidencing an improved capability to diagnose oral health conditions, will help you to build a strong and trusted dentist-patient relationship. 

Visual tools help support patient education, leading to higher uptake rates of recommended preventive and regenerative courses of treatment. 

When offering high value treatment, you can include private hygiene services at the beginning and end of the course, plus focus on the patient’s ongoing oral health maintenance as the centre of your relationship with the patient – with a demonstrable reason for doing so.  This increases treatment uptake, helping to ethically grow your practice income and reduce your risk from medico-legal claims. 

Meeting UDA targets is simplified as AssistDent helps ensure you are treating those patients who are in genuine need, and those who will take responsibility for their oral health – helping you to confidently offer the restorative work you would have undertaken, but with greater efficiency and a higher likelihood of success for the patient. 

As a part of your practice mix and with preventive dentistry at the forefront, your hygiene department has the capacity to increase workflow and consequently (significantly) Practice profit. 

The BIG Benefits for Patients

What is of paramount importance, is the Patient’s trust which underpins the dynamics within the professional relationship. 

Appreciating being able to see how AI assisted diagnosis identifies more previously undiagnosed oral health pathologies, so that the patient becomes more confident about visiting their dentist who uses this level of non-invasive sophisticated technology. 

Consequently and crucially, they acknowledge their own responsibility to follow recommended treatment plans which are logical and obvious in respect of the visual evidence. 

AssistDent can empower patients with vital knowledge helping them to understand why it is so important to have great oral health following the comprehensive service they have received from their Dentist, which is likely to be more successful and long-lasting. 

Patients become more responsible for their own preventive dental health journey when guided by their Dental Clinician who has more time for better communication; latest dental information and education.  

Ultimately being able to sleep well at night, knowing that dental treatments and services are appropriately covered, is one thing less in life to worry about and therefore ensures greater peace of mind.  

The Overall Benefits

Timesaving Efficacy

Saving time in surgery – with a radiograph analysis taking around 10 to 15 seconds – will have a cumulative beneficial effect, enabling more patients to be seen.  Beneficial for the dentist, this efficiency is hugely important for the practice, increasing capacity and leading to growth in turnover and greater profitability.  Time to balance meeting your UDA’s with private practice patients, all focused on a preventive journey for your patients which is profitable for you and for your practice.

Ethically Increased Patient Spend

Do you know of a patient who wants to spend money on something that could have been prevented?  Would you?

The option of spending more now for longer term gain is a logical decision that most willingly commit to because they are able to appreciate the bigger picture.

AssistDent enables Dental Clinicians to show patients the benefits of a preventive approach to their oral health.  Evidencing the benefit of a preventive approach to dentistry, (for both NHS and private patients, plus those that are a blend of the two) Clinicians using AssistDent AI can demonstrate the effects of a patient’s journey towards better oral health. 

Long term cost savings for the patient are a desirable reality, especially when there’s a requirement for a lifespan of potentially expensive cosmetic treatments.  Meanwhile, Clinicians are empowered to increase their patients’ spend in the full knowledge that they are acting in the best interests of the patient.  All of this is backed up by auditable evidence.  Peace of mind for you, the dentist and for the patient. 

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