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AssistDent Academy®
for Dental Schools

AssistDent Academy® for Dental Schools

Powerful AI assisted image analysis helping Dental Students learn how to identify early dental decay and enamel-only proximal caries.

AssistDent Academy® is a Cloud Based Application Which Helps to ‘Train and Test’ Dental Students

A recent study showed that Dental Students using AssistDent® achieved an 80% enamel-only proximal caries detection rate compared to a 50% detection rate achieved by Dental Students who were not using AssistDent®. 
(N.B. this is a comparative study and is independent of the peer reviewed research ADEPT Study as featured in the British Dental Journal, specifically conducted for qualified Dentists.  Click HERE to read more).   

AssistDent Academy® Helping and Supporting:
Dental Students | Tutors | Dental Schools

Bars illustrate mean values. Error bars represent 95% confidence intervals


[2] A Pilot Comparative Study of Dental Students’ Ability to Detect Enamel-only Proximal Caries in Bitewing Radiographs With and Without the use of AssistDent® Deep Learning Software

Hugh Devlin, Martin Ashley, Tomos Williams, Brian Purvis, Reza Roudsari doi:
Click HERE to View

AssistDent® Academy Availability

Module 1: Minimum Intervention Dentistry: Enamel-Only Proximal Caries Assessment

AssistDent® teaches Dental Students to assess enamel proximal caries in bitewing radiographs.  It is totally self-contained as an online web application accessed from any device with an internet connection.  Dental Students analyse bitewing radiographs from the included library of examples and learn to assess enamel proximal caries in a stepwise approach, mimicking what they would do with their tutors in a teaching clinic.

The application provides detailed feedback of competency levels achieved, thereby allowing students and tutors to measure and monitor progress, tailoring follow-up learning as required.

AssistDent® Academy is available as a standalone web-based application to be used in Dental Schools to teach, test and evidence caries assessment. 

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