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X-Ray Dental Challenge

X-Ray Challenge

Are You Up For the AssistDent Super Vision X-Ray Challenge?

This is only open to the following health professionals:-


X-Ray Dental Challenge


The AssistDent® Super Vision (formerly known as the General Assessment Portal) is a clever app built by Manchester Imaging to provide Dental Clinicians a means to test themselves, as well as practise their skills to quickly and accurately identify early Enamel-Only Proximal Caries.  The X-Ray Challenge is only open to Dental Health Professionals.  

“Fun yet serious, it’s a great test of skills”

All participants details are anonymised. 

Would you like to know how good you and/or your clinical teams are at identifying Early Proximal Caries on bite-wing radiographs?

Would you like to test yourself and/or your team’s performance against 5 of the top dento-maxillofacial radiologists?

Are you a multi-site group that would like to know what level of Early Proximal Caries is being diagnosed across all your practices and clinicians?

How would this data help you and your patients if you were to be able to consistently and more accurately diagnose more disease that previously went undiagnosed?

Upholding Industry Standards

Benchmarked by Top Dento-Maxillofacial Radiologists

Five internationally recognised Dento-Maxillofacial Radiologists were instructed to independently identify proximal caries in a set of training images.   We know where all the Early Carious Lesions are, and we have now launched AssistDent® Super Vision; an online tool to help you understand your own individual and your team’s clinical diagnostic performance. 

  •  Test yourself and your team’s caries detection rates
  •  Compare clinical capability to detect early proximal caries
  •  See how you score when compared against the specialists 
  •  Assess the potential for your business and your patients of improved diagnosis
  •  Gives you insights into how preventive dentistry could be improved in your practice
X-Ray Dental Challenge

AssistDent® Super Vision | The X-Ray Challenge

AssistDent bringing to life a Dentist’s skills

Bitewing Radiograph

“Helps me feel more confident”

Only The Best For Dental Super Heroes

AssistDent® Super Vision is a Top Professional Online Tool

AssistDent® Super Vision is an on-line tool that can assess clinical performance of the ability to identify Early Proximal Caries and to relay those results back to the clinician’s and dental groups (all participants are only identified by a randomly generated number so nothing can be tracked back to their identity). 

Upon completion, your results will reflect a score according to your own and/or your team’s performance of firstly, the unassisted manual radiograph assessment and then secondly, a score showing the delta of your/their performance when AssistDent was used to aid the diagnosis of Early Proximal Caries.

You can then review this data on each of the radiographs with clear mark-up of the individual manual assessment, the mark-up with the help of AssistDent and the gold standard regions identified by the Dento-Maxillofacial Radiologists.

” Everyone Enjoys A Challenge! “

AssistDent® Super Vision X-Ray Challenge Results

X-Ray Dental Challenge

Ready For The Challenge – Time to Mind the Caries Gap

Five Steps to Sharpen your Drill

If you would like to accept the challenge, please register using the form below and you will be sent instructions on how to enrol and complete the challenge.  It’s FREE to enter and the test only takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Good luck!

What are you waiting for?  Come on, let’s get started!

X-Ray Challenge
AssistDent Super Vision


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