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AssistDent v2.0 Announcement

Manchester Imaging – Announcement

Welcome feedback from AssistDent Early Adopters has significantly helped Manchester Imaging’s Technical Team to identify the priorities of this latest upgrade in their preventive dental AI software.  This resulted in a range of new features and improved performance.

AssistDent V2.0 is Launched with New Features

See below:-

NEW:  Risk Analysis for Caries Grading and Tooth Identification Features

NEW:  Improved the performance of the tooth detector

NEW:  Improved caries detection performance

NEW:  Users can edit displayed caries grading and tooth labelling

NEW:  Displayed dentine caries are configurable

NEW:  Introduction of caries grade labels; E1, E2 & D

Improved Caries Detection Performance. Improved caries detection resulting in even more caries being detected, without an increase in the number of false positives.

New Feature: Caries Grading. Extended proximal caries detection to all grades of caries and classified each region of interest as:-

  • E1: caries penetrated less than 50% of enamel
  • E2 caries penetrated >50% of enamel but not dentine
  • D: caries penetrated through enamel into dentine.

Users can edit grading and provide their own grade to added caries regions of interest.

New Feature: Tooth Labelling. Automatic labelling of every tooth according to mouth quadrant and tooth number.  Users can edit and/or correct tooth labels as required.

Improved Tooth Detection Performance. Improved detection of teeth resulting in fewer teeth missed and hence more caries found. Reduced the number of erroneous tooth detections resulting in fewer incorrect caries detections.

Additional Licenses at no Extra Cost. Enabled use on up to 4 computers on a single licence registration to facilitate use across all surgeries in a practice.

Conforming to post-Brexit UKCA mark meaning that AssistDent can be used as a medical device in England, Scotland and Wales.

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