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Using AssistDent with ExaminePro® Drag-And-Drop

This document applies to AssistDent v1.7+ and all versions of ExaminePro that support drag and drop.

Drag Images from ExPro to AssistDent

  •  Start AssistDent

  • Start or open ExaminePro with the bitewing you wish to examine accessible in the thumbnail display area. Try to minimise both windows so they are both visible on the screen

  • Left-click-drag an image from the image thumbnail view and  into the AssistDent window. If the ‘Format Selection’ window appears, choose ‘Converted to JPEG‘ and choose the ‘Remember for this target
  • Drop the image into AssistDent and wait for the analysis to complete

Drag Results from AssistDent to ExPro

  • In AssistDent, right-click on the analysed image and drag the image from AssistDent to the image tree (to the left of the image thumbnail view).
  • The analysed results will appear as a thumbnail image which you can open for closer examination in ExaminePro

Further Information

Additional information can be found in the help section of ExaminePro: ‘How to drag and drop an image in an e-mail?

It is also possible to drag images and analysis onto the application icon on the taskbar. See this video for demonstration

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