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Getting Started with AssistDent®

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This document applies to AssistDent v1.7.

Once downloaded, follow the steps below to install AssistDent and start detecting caries.

Install AssistDent

Double click the downloaded file, AssistDent.exe.

The AssistDent installer starts:

Follow the steps in the wizard. When successful the following message is displayed:

Start AssistDent

Start AssistDent from the Windows Start Menu or the shortcut on your desktop.


AssistDent starts. Please register:

Use AssistDent

After registering, browse for a bitewing image to analyse with AssistDent.

Alternatively, you can choose a bitewing image file on your computer and select ‘Open With AssistDent’.

The selected bitewing radiograph is displayed, and caries detection performed:

AssistDent User Guide

Access the User Guide from the main menu for instructions on how to use AssistDent.

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