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Include AssistDent as a plugin to Dürr Dental’s VistaSoft

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This document applies to AssistDent v1.7 and VistaSoft v2.4.

An updated version of this document is available: (link to updated document).

Configure VistaSoft

Within VistaSoft, click the Configuration button, select Interfaces then scroll down the page to find the option Edit external applications:

On the Click the external applications page choose the Create external application button.

Select ‘Third-party application’ and complete the form as shown below using Ctrl-v to paste into the boxes:

  • Name: AssistDent
  • Path: (N.B. By default setting to use is): C:\Program Files (x86)\Manchester Imaging Ltd\AssistDent\AssistDent.exe
  • Parameter: –image “%PathToFile%” –title “%PatientId% -%PatientFamilyName%,%PatientGivenName%”

Once the information is entered hit the top-right button to Save and Exit.

Run AssistDent from VistaSoft

Within VistaSoft, select a bitewing radiograph and then click the Export to external application button.

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