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Using AssistDent with Carestream® Drag-And-Drop

This document applies to AssistDent v1.7 and later and all versions of CS Imaging that support drag and drop.

Open AssistDent

Open AssistDent by double-clicking on the desktop icon and leave running minimised in the task bar.

Drag Images from CS Imaging to AssistDent

Left-click the image in CS imaging and drag to the AssistDent icon in the taskbar. The AssistDent app will maximise allowing you to drop the image into the analysis area.

Drag AI Analysis from AssistDent to CS Imaging

Once the analysis is completed and you have amended the results if required, Right-click the result in AssistDent and drag to the CS imaging icon then drop to the lightbox region for side-by-side display.

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Last Updated: 2024-05-28 11:34 GMT+0000